Hi Seniors!


    As we navigate you applying to colleges, there are some steps I need you to take if you're going to ask me for a letter of recommendation. 

    Fill in the attched form.

    After you do, email me at so we can start talking about your letter.

    1. If I decide I cannot write you an overwhelmingly positive letter of rec, I will let you know. I don't do this to be mean--I do this because there may be a teacher who can recommend you more emphatically. 

    2. If I get too many requests, I may ask you to find another teacher as well. 

    3. You must attach the informational packet the counselors will ask you to complete. And a resume. I need a lot of information to write your letter.

    4. Know that I will not write your letter until I get a request from the university(ies) you are applying to. And I will adhere to their due dates (not ones you set because you want to get them in early.) If this is stressful to you, you may want to ask another teacher for a letter.

    If you need help with a personal statement, please email me. We will arrange a system. I can give you feedback on what you write, but I can't sit with each student for long periods of time. 

     ALSO, watch FLEX times for workshops I will give on statement writing and feedback.