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    DATE:   2017-2018                                                               SCHOOL:  Vista del Lago High School

    COURSE:  Study Skills                                                         INSTRUCTOR:  Mrs. Amber Heichlinger

    # OF CREDITS:  5 credits per semester for a total of 10 credits

    PREREQUISITES:  Student placement in accordance with current IEP or with qualifying circumstances

    This course provides students with the opportunity to acquire strategies in their  Executive Functioning skills and increase their study skills.  

    Students develop executive functioning tasks/skills that includes planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance.
    Students attain study skills to use throughout their high school and post high school careers.
    The study skills classroom provides an atmosphere where students can relax from pressures of other classes and at the same time feel like they are accomplishing something positive.


    Week 1:    Introduction to Study Skills

    Week 2:    Basic Executive Functioning: Planning, Organization, Time Management, Task Initiation,

                    Working Memory

    Week 3:    Basic Executive Functioning: Metacognition, Self Control, Sustained Attention, Flexibility,


    Week 4:    Writing Smart Goals

    Week 5:    Identifying Study Needs

    Week 6:    Study Strategies

    Week 7:    Prioritizing, Note Taking, Test Taking Strategies

    Week 8:    Advanced Executive Functioning: Self Assessments and Reflections

    Week 9:    Advanced Executive Functioning: Planning

    Week 10:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Organization

    Week 11:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Time Management

    Week 12:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Task Initiation

    Week 13:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Working Memory

    Week 14:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Self Control

    Week 15:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Sustained Attention

    Week 16:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Flexibility

    Week 17:  Advanced Executive Functioning: Perseverance

    Week 18:  Retake Pre/Post Quiz


    Arrival (10 minutes): Put phones in phone station or in backpack, answer daily executive functioning question on board into journal. Round Robin discussion encouraging oral language and listening skills.

    Executive Function Lesson (10): Weekly executive functioning skill. This will be graded by appropriate completion and active participation.

    Homework and Teacher appointments (50): This time would be used to complete assignments, write assignments on daily rubric and to schedule or have scheduled appointment with teacher.

    Earned Personal Time (12 minutes):  Students can have phones, electronics, or preferred activity.

    CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:  In addition to following the school rules found in the student agenda, students’ responsibilities are:

    • Attend class daily
    • Arrive ON TIME, put phone in phone station or backpack, and in seat before final bell rings
    • Bring necessary materials daily
    • Be mentally prepared to work, work to the best of their ability
    • Work quietly
    • Follow directions
    • Stay on task
    • Respect self and others in the classroom and community


    ATTENDANCE AND TARDINESS:  Please make every effort to attend class on time and on a regular basis.  Please refer to the Vista website or student handbook for school policies.

    ABSENCES AND MAKE-UP POLICY: Students in Study Skills with excused absences will  not be required to make up Study Skill assignments, but will need to follow make up policy of any of their other classes.

    TEACHER WEBPAGE:  Class events and information can be found at

    POWERSCHOOL PARENT PORTAL:  Parents can access class assignments and grades via the Vista website.

    MATERIALS USED: SOAR curriculum, Executive Functioning Curriculum by Pathway 2 Success, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens


    Grades are based on a straight percentage point system using the special education department’s grading scale.  Study Skill points are based on daily log requirements.

     A+ =   >100%     A =      93 – 99%     A- =     90 – 92%

    B+ =    88 - 89% B- =     83 – 87%     B- =     80 – 82%

    C+ =    78 – 79%   C =      73 – 77%   C- =     70 – 72%

    D+ =    68 - 69%    D =      63 – 67%   D- =     62 – 60%        F =      <60%

    CITIZENSHIP:  Citizenship grades are based on the student’s ability and willingness to follow the policies and expectations in the classroom as well as attitude, cooperation, courtesy, participation, punctuality, honesty, responsibility, work habits and respect for fellow students and staff members.  Citizenship is reported separately from academic grades.  Course citizenship includes both work habits and attitude/behavior.  Good citizenship is vital to a positive, productive school environment.  Because of this, school policy states that students who receive two or more unsatisfactory citizenship marks on a grade report may not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities including athletics, dances, rallies, nonacademic music and theater performances, and club activities.

    FINAL EXAMS:  Retake of Pre/Post Executive Functioning Self Assessment is given at end of term (Q4)

    EXTRA CREDIT:  Extra credit is not offered in this course.

    ACADEMIC DISHONESTY POLICY:  Students are expected to adhere to the Vista del Lago Academic Dishonesty Policy.  Please see the school website for a complete copy of the Academic Integrity Contract.

    HOMEWORK POLICY:  There will be no homework assigned in Study Skills. Students will be given time each day to work on homework in other classes.  Any homework that is not completed will need to be completed at home and will be subject to the respective class’ homework policy.

    COURSE MATERIALS:  For this course, it is suggested (not required) that students have one heavy plastic pocket folder (green for third block and blue for fourth block).

     MATERIALS & TEXTBOOK MANAGEMENT:  Students are expected to respectfully use classroom materials, chromebooks, textbooks and library books.


    The best way to contact me is via email at I try very hard to return emails by the end of the work day.

    Phone:  (916)294-2410 Ext. 410330

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