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    Posted by Melanie Huber on 7/23/2019 2:00:00 PM

    Why Sing

    "Singing is a basic means of human expression.  Song permits people to experience life as others have found it and to share themselves with others in an expression that transcends the physical and psychological boundaries of life....A student who sings learns about life."  (Kenneth Phillips, Teaching Kids to Sing)


    A study conducted by Chorus America cited benefits of choral singing that include skills in the following areas:  team building, listening and following, creative, social, discipline and personal commitment.  

    Team Building:

    Choral singing teaches choristers "how to row in the same direction." Understanding the importance of blending vocally is as critical to the music as it is to personal interaction.

    Listening and following skills:

    Learning how to take direction is fundamental to the success of any organization, especially in chorus, where following the lead of a conductor makes the difference between great art and a poor performance.

    Creative skills:

    Singing is an art form that stimulates and encourages creative expression.  The human voice has power to educate, enrich, unite and inspire.  


    Choral singing requires singers to be organized and disciplined in their everyday lives.   Balancing rehearsals schedules and concerts with school work and other commitments forces choristers to manage their time carefully.

    Personal commitment:

    Choristers recognize that they are part of a larger community and that their fellow choristers rely on them to make a level of commitment that ensure a consistent standard of performance.


    Why do I sing?  It is fuel for my spirit.

    Why do you sing?


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