• Fifth Grade Absence Policy

                It is crucial that students attend school on a daily basis to keep up with the fast-paced curriculum. Research shows that students who miss as little as ten days of school (absences, tardies, or early dismissal) fall significantly behind their peers who were present. When a student is absent, they are not only missing the homework and class work that is assigned, they are also missing the direct instruction that accompanies the lesson. Especially in fifth grade, lessons build on one another and a level of mastery for each skill set is required for the student to progress. Even when a student completes the work assigned during their absence, they miss the direct instruction that their peers received. Please, help us ensure that all students are present and ready for school on a daily basis.

                Any student who is absent will receive a folder with their missing assignments upon their return. We are asking that parents review the lessons and work assigned during their students’ absence with their student. It is important that students review the lessons in the math book, science book, etc. and have some type of discussion regarding this material. This is as close as your student will come to recapturing some of the discussion that went on in class that day. Students will also be required to make arrangements with their teacher to retake any tests, quizzes, etc. that were given. It is the student’s responsibility to return make-up work to the assigned teacher. Students will have two days for each day absent to complete and return work (teachers will not go in search of missing work).

                Students who will be absent between 3-14 consecutive school days must complete an independent study contract in the office. The office will then deliver the request to the classroom teachers. Please realize that the independent study contract is an approximation of what we believe will be covered in class during the student’s absence. There may be additional work required upon their return depending upon what their peers covered.


    Late Work and Extra Credit

              Fifth graders are responsible for turning all work in to the assigned teacher on the date it is due. We will not accept late or incomplete work; late or incomplete assignments will receive a grade of zero. The Gold Ridge office will not accept any work turned in by a parent on the student’s behalf. Fifth grade students must physically turn the work in themselves. In order to teach our students a good work ethic, we will not be assigning extra credit. Students are responsible for completing all the work to the best of their ability at all times. Extra Credit does not provide our students with the opportunity to excel in their academic careers. Our goal is to create independent and self-reliant students who take pride in their work.