• Due to problems with Bradshaw's gym,  Bradshaw Christian Middle School will be coming to our school for a home game on Oct 26th.  This will include both JV and Varsity Boys Basketball teams and the Girls Soccer teams.   We will be travelling to Bradshaw on Nov. 9th for the same teams.

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    If you are interested in participating in Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball for the Fall of 2021 you must have an up to date physical exam and taken care of your athletic clearance paperwork.  
    Please visit the Athletic Forms page for more information. 

    Athletics Clearance and Safety Guidelines

     Mitchell Middle School 

    We  believe that athletics and activities are essential to the physical, mental and social emotional well-being of our students. To that end, we believe it is imperative to slowly transition back into conditioning and preparing our student-athletes. The health and wellness of our students and staff is the main focus and we want to provide them with a controlled environment so they can begin conditioning and performing.

    •“Student participation in a program is completely voluntary and based upon parental discretion. Any student who chooses not to participate will not be penalized.“


    We ask that all athletes and fans respect and adhere to the following guidelines.  With your support we can have a successful season.


    ·       All participants must wear face covering and maintain 6 feet distance when practicable, during warmups, on the sideline, or waiting for next event.

    ·       No use of locker rooms at this time, students must come to practice ready to go in appropriate athletic gear.

    ·       Hand sanitizer pump or spray available and plentiful for students to use.

    ·       Please follow the posted student protocol guidelines (signage) at all facilities, home and away.

    ·       Individuals must bring their own hydration bottles that are personally labeled, not to be shared with others (coaches/advisors and players).  Hydration stations (water cows, water trough, water fountains, etc.) will not be utilized. 

    ·       All coaches/advisors and students should be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout. Screening includes asking students for temperature, if they have experienced fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and if they have been in close contact or care for someone with COVID-19.

    o   During screening, if a student states that temp was 100.4 or higher they need to be sent home and may not return for 14 days or until cleared by a medical doctor.

    o   Any person with positive symptoms reported will not be allowed to take part in workouts, parents will be notified to contact their primary care provider or other appropriate health-care professional. 

    ·       Activities should be conducted in “cohort” of students with the same  students always practicing together. Students must be able to maintain a 6 feet distance at all times. This ensures more limited exposure if someone develops an infection.

    ·       Coaches should maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet between student athletes at all times. 

    ·       Coaches/advisors must wear a face covering at all times.

    ·       Coaches/advisors are expected to constantly remind students to wash hand and/or use hand sanitizer.

    ·       All equipment will be wiped down and cleaned with appropriate disinfectant before and after use. Coaches/advisors and students should practice appropriate cleaning methods. 

    ·       Students must be encouraged to shower and wash their clothing immediately upon returning to home. 

    ·       Adequate cleaning schedules should be created and implemented for all facilities to mitigate any communicable diseases. 

    ·       Physical contact such as high-fives, fist/chest bumps, and hugs should not be allowed.

    ·       There should be no shared equipment (towels, clothing, shoes, or sports specific or band equipment) between students.

    ·       Students should wear their own appropriate clothing which should be washed and cleaned after every use.

    ·       All athletic equipment should be cleaned after each use and prior to the next workout.









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  • ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL BEFORE TRYING OUT FOR ANY SPORT - the school does not keep a copy of player physicals from year to year -  

    (Physicals are current for each school year)
    Once teams have been decided,to become eligible to play sports at Mitchell, each and parent/guadian and Student must complete all of the steps on the  http://www.athleticclearance.com/ website, as well have an up to date physical form, which should be scanned and uploaded to the athletic clearence website. Please follow the steps outlined on the athletic forms page to complete this process. 
    Questions, Comments, or Concerns...
    Please contact:
    David Sewell -
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