• About Me:

    Over the past twelve years, I've been fortunate to teach English at the high school level. After graduating from Summerville High in Tuolumne, CA in 1998, I attended college in San Diego. As a journalism major at Point Loma Nazarene University, I always had a passion for writing and reading literature. That paved the way for my receiving my credential and masters in teaching from Chapman University and inspired me to continue my education at the American College of Education with an Ed.D. in Education. ​Hoping to help my students also find an appreciation for writing and literature--both fiction and non-fiction, I spend much time teaching them how to analyze and how to hone their writing styles. When I'm not in the classroom, I am either traveling with my family, studying or writing essays for my own classes, running, scuba diving, or attending one of my daughter's sporting events.  




  • Schedule

    Block 1: ERWC

    Block 2: Prep Period

    Block 3: Beginning Composition

    Block 4: Beginning Composition