• 2018-2019 Syllabus


    Course Description:

    First Trimester -

    1. Historian's Toolkit

    2. Early Man

    3. Mesopotamia

    4. Egypt


    Second Trimester -

    5. Israel

    6. Greece

    7. Rome


    Third Trimester - 

    (Finish Rome)

    8. India

    9. China

  • Supply List:

    Requested Supplies: Five Star Single Subject Notebook, colored pencils, lots of pencils, correcting pens, glue sticks (Not liquid), scissors, highlighters, markers, and personal pencil sharpener

    My Wish list: I am always in need of white paper and Kleenex. Any donations would be greatly appreciated but not required.

  • Some Definitions: 
    Office Hours
    : a time during class for students to work on/return to their learning targets, complete vocabulary, and discuss grades/assignments with the teacher. 

    Notebook Check: organization check for the unit. Counts as a grade. Sometimes called Unit Checklist.

    Bellwork: The warm up question completed on entry into class.

    Dinnertime Conversation: Exit question which students complete at the end of class. At dinner, if you ask, what they learned in class today, this will be a prepared answer (hopefully!)