• Library Materials Check-out Policy - 

    •  Each student is allowed to check out 2 library books, with a check-out loan period of 14 days. 


    • Students should present their SMS Student ID at the time of check-out.



    Overdue Materials Policy - 

    • A reminder email will be sent out to parents pertaining to students who have not returned or renewed their books prior to the 14 day return policy. 


    • Overdue notices will be emailed to parents once a week, on any given day.   Please make sure your email address is current to receive this important information.


    • If after 30 days, any overdue library materials have not been returned or renewed, the overdue item will be billed to your students SMS Library account.  This billing will prevent your student from future library book check-outs until the account is cleared.  In the event your student has been billed for an overdue library book, please contact the SMS Library to discuss options in how to clear your students account.



    Renewal Policy- 

    To renew your library materials:

    • Student and/or parents can some into the library to renew materials, students do not need to bring in their materials to renew. 


    • Students and/or parents can send an email to the librarian at aslavin@fcusd.org and request a renewal.  Please include your students name, student ID and book title. 


    • Students and parents can also call the SMS Library or email the Librarian to have a students checked-out items renewed on time.   



    Mrs. Slavin

    Library Media Technician

    Sutter Middle School 

    916-294-9035  ext. 320178