Lost or Damaged Textbooks and Library Books


    If your student has a damaged or lost textbook or library book, please contact the SMS Library Media Center as soon as possible to discuss payment and/or an item replacement option.


    Library Media Center - Fees and Fines


    Library Book Fines

    Currently, the SMS Library Media Center does not charge students late fines for overdue library books. 


    Printing Services and Charges

    Students are able to print at no charge in the Library.  Students need to edit their documents from a Chromebook and then print from the printing stations.   


    Copy Machine Services and Charges

    The library has a copy machine available for student use, and there is a 10 cent charge, per page, to be paid in advance to the Librarian prior to use.


    ID Replacement Charge

    If your student has lost their SMS Student ID Card, they can purchase a replacement card for $5.00 from the library.  Receipts for purchased ID Cards will be emailed to parents on the day the ID was purchased.


    **When paying fines or fees to the library, please send in exact money owed in the form of cash, check or money order.  Electronic payments are not accepted at this time. 


    For more information regarding fines and fees, please contact the SMS Library. 


    Mrs. Slavin

    Library Media Technician

    Sutter Middle School - Library Media Center


    916-294-9035 ext. 320450