• Hello 5th grade Academy families!
    Organization is a key component for a successful 5th grade experience. 
    The supplies listed below will be beneficial for your child to have, preferably the first day of school.
    ·        2 inch binder with a front pocket
    ·        5 pocket dividers for binder
    ·        lined paper for binder (college ruled)
    ·        2 spiral bound notebooks (minimum 100 pages)
    ·        #2 pencils (mechanical pencils are ok)
    ·        Blue ink pens for final drafts and correcting papers
    ·        3 Highlighters, each a different color
    ·        1 Black Extra Fine tip Sharpie pen
    ·        pencil sharpener (MUST have a shavings catch on it!)
    ·        2 large glue sticks
    ·        zipper pencil bag for binder * Please don’t purchase a pencil box.
    ·        earbuds/headphones
    ·        Colored pencils
    ·        Scissors
    ·        Ruler scaled in inches and millimeters
    ·        Watercolor markers (NOT permanent markers)
    Looking forward to meeting everyone!