My Way Premium Template Options

  • As part of a focus group, stakeholder or other interested party you are being asked to look over the web site templates displayed below. Look for the design elements that are most appealing to you, and think about why.

    Each template has a name which links it to a Blackboard / Schoolwires demo site. Below each image there are links to live school web sites or districts so you can see real-world examples of the template's implementation to see if how they were implemented affects your opinion of them. The district examples may also have school sites linked from them. The numbers next to the name may be used as part of a survey at a later time.

    One of the biggest decisions we will make as a group is whether we will choose one master design for all district and school websites, or whether we use different designs for the district website, one for all the elementary schools, etc.

    Thank you for your participation and input in this process.