Google Classroom Login Directions

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    If you get an error message telling you that you can’t use Google classroom, it means that you are already logged into another Google account. Log out, and log back in with your student ID.

    How do I log into Google Classroom?


    First letter of first name

    First three letter of last name

    Last four digits of the ID number



    You will need your login information as soon as you come to class. There are assignments waiting for you! 

    See the FCUSD page for information on how to get your Student Access ID .


    Then join your class:

    Period Class Class Code
    1 Seventh Grade Science h8hjj5x
    2 Seventh Grade Science PREP (No Code)
    3 Seventh Grade Science 0eupmcx
    5 Seventh Grade Science zbcilr
    6 Seventh Grade Science tjra74
    7 Seventh Grade Science zfpxjcp
Science Rules!!