• Students must retake a test within 3 weeks after testing otherwise they will lose the opprountiy to retake that test.

    Sign up before end of day on Tuesday to retake on Wednesday after school in the multi. Remember that the retake score override your pervious score.  You only will have two opprotunities to retake so decide wisely. 

    Students are required to do test corrections before retaking test. Find a time to meet with Mr. Xiong- either during flex or a schedule time. 
    All homework Assignment must be compete before student can retake. 
    There will be no retake for chapter 8 & chapter 15/18.
    Procudure During Retake Days: 
    Put backpage and phones at wall.
    Make sure to have your student ID out. 
    Get test and calcualtor if allowed then find assigned table. 
    Available Dates: 
    wed: 8/22   
    wed: 8/29
    wed: 9 /05
    wed: 9/12
    wed: 9/19 
    Wed: 9/26
    Wed: 10/03
    Sign up here: here  -