•     Player Commitment for Volleyball and Basketball

    Volleyball and Basketball Games are Tuesdays & Thursdays (6/7th grade – 3:30 & 4pm.  8th grade – 4:30 & 5pm).  Practices will be Mondays & Wednesdays & most Fridays. The school team is a commitment for 10 weeks. The league is not supportive of multi-sport athletes during the season when it affects their participation on the team. Meaning, if the student-athlete has other “activities” that do not allow them to put forth at least 90%+ participation in practice and games during the week (weekends are not part of the team commitment), then they should not be able to tryout. If it is discovered that they cannot commit to this team during the season, they will be removed from the roster and asked to turn in their uniform. Illnesses, injuries and family matters are certainly acceptable reasons for not attending an event.

    Please alert your coach prior to any practice or game if you are not able to attend. Not informing the coach of absence prior to the practice/game can result in termination from the team. If you are ill and absent from school, you still need to make contact via email or text with the coach before the event.
    If you are not able to fully participate in PE due to an injury, it would be wise to have a parent note that says “modified participation” in PE, so the coach can “modify” how much you play in practice or a game.  Being excused from PE means being excused from the afterschool sport.
    Playing Time in Games
    Playing time is determined by the coach based on the following criteria (but not limited to):
    A player's skill level, sportsmanship, and attendance in practice.
    Please note that school sports are NOT Rec sports. There is NO guaranteed playing time. However, we are fully aware that this is not high school and that middle school athletes are in the developing stages with some participating in a highly competitive environment for the first time.