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  • IM2 Retake Sign-Ups
    The deadline to meet the below requirements is 3:00pm the Monday before your desired retake day. (Ex:  To retake a test on Wednesday the 5th, the below requirements must be completed by 3:00pm on Monday the 3rd).
    How to officially sign up for a Test Retake:
    1. Review the Test Retake Policy in the "Course Expectations" and in the "Important Dates" tabs to the left.
    2. Complete and submit All Assigned Homework for the unit for review.
    3. Attend at least one Flextime or after-school Office Hours with Mr. DelGrande to make Test Corrections on a separate piece of paper.
      1. Note:  You will not be able to do Test Corrections if you are red-checked into an Intervention FlexTime.
    4. Submit the appropriate Test Reflection in Google Classroom
    5. Fill out the Retake Sign-Up Form in Google Classroom to officially sign up.

    Failure to meet the hard Monday deadline will result in having to wait until the following week to retake the test.

  • Remind Alerts
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  • Google Classroom Code
    Use Google Classroom to access Class Notes (great if you are absent):