Elementary Art Education Program

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    Attention parents/guardians!
    Thanks to the City of Rancho Cordova's Measure H Grant and in partnership with FCUSD, the Meet the Masters Visual Art program will return to all Rancho Cordova Elementary schools during the 21-22 school year.  Please check back for more information.
    Art Ark:
    The City of Rancho Cordova collaborates with The Crocker Art Museum's to bring the Crocker Art Ark to our elementary schools. The program is administered by the Cordova Community Council and is funded by the City of Rancho Cordova Community Enhancement Grand funds. 
    Meet the Masters:
    This visual art program seeks to provide Visual Art experience for elementary students attending all 10 public schools in Rancho Cordova. Students are introduced to a variety of masters from the Visual Art field. Students learn techniques, art history, and make social connections through hands on, teacher guided lessons. Students showcase their work, and are able to articulate their work's historical representation, as well as technique and genre.
    These quality visual art programs benefits the community of Rancho Cordova by enhancing the student's creative outlet. Students have the opportunity to develop artistic sensibility and are more likely to engage in school and community events as well as contribute to the community with pride and by giving back.
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