3 Main Curriculum

2016-2017 UNIQUE Curriculum

  • Dear Room 8 Parents.

    This year we will be using our District mandated Unique Learning System ("Unique") curriculum.  Unique Learning System is a dynamic, standards-based curriculum. Being dynamic allows us to align to the latest educational standards.   Unique encompasses English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills and Social Skills as well as current events of national and international news, and has a icon symbol system within the program to utilize. Please let me know if you have any questions as I will be happy to show you more information.


    June-August Topic: Summer Review/Camp/Ocean

    September Topic: This Is My School (Government)

    October Topic: Animals in Their Homes ( Life Science)

    November Topic: Finding Our Way (Geography)

    December:  Holiday Traditions

    January Topic: See It, Feel It, Describe IT(Physical Science)

    February Topic: Time For Peace (History)

    March Topic: The Hot, Hot, Sun (Physical Science)

    April Topic: Where Can I Buy It? (Economics)

    May Topic: Fast and Slow Earth Changes(Earth/Space Science)