IM1 Calendar (Note, this is for period one, so dates may be slightly adjusted for period 6 and 7)


    NOTE: THIS IS THE PERIOD 1 calendar. But, all assignments are the same for Period 2, 6, and 7. So, if your child has IM1 in periods 6 or 7, deadlines may be slightly different. This was the easiest way to share the calendar with all parents. 
    ICAL FEED for Integrated Math 1 -


    Android Devices and Google Calendar

    To subscribe using your Google Calendar:

    1. Open your Google Calendar.
    2. Locate Other Calendars on the left hand side of the screen toward the bottom.
    3. Click the arrow to the right of Other Calendars.
    4. Select Add by URL from the list.
    5. Enter the subscription link (shown above as the ICAL feed link) in the field. If you would like these events to be public, check the box next to Make the calendar publicly accessible.
    6. Click Add Calendar.
    Note: You should also be able to subscribe by using the + Google icon above.



    iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

    To subscribe using your iPhone or iPad:

    1. Click your iPhone Settings icon.
    2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list.
    3. Select Add Account.
    4. Select Other.
    5. Select Add Subscribed Calendar at the bottom of the list.
    6. Enter the subscription link (shown above, the ICAL feed link) in the server field.
    7. Click Next in the top right hand corner of the screen.
    8. The URL will be verified, and your subscription information will display.
    9. Click Save.

    To view this calendar on your iPhone:

    1. Click the Calendar icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
    2. Click the Calendars button in the top left hand corner of your default calendar screen.
    3. Select the name of the calendar you have just added. A check mark will appear next to it.
    4. Click Done.

    Events from this calendar will now display on your iPhone calendar.


    *If you would like to ADD the Sutter Middle School Calendar,
    please repeat steps above, but use (copy and paste) this URL link: