•  A Few of My Favorite Things



    Drink:  Cranpomegrante

    Coffee/Tea:  I am not a coffee drinker, but occasionally drink hot tea or cocoa

    Snack:  Nuts, apples, and cheetos, popcorn, Poppables, Almond Joy, Snickers, grapes, apples, (any fruit)

    Foods:  Italian, Mexican, Chinese, American, Indian -- Cheesecake Factory, Pizzeria Classico, BJ’s, ...


    Stores:  Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, Barnes & Noble

    Lunch spots: Habit Burger, La Bou, Subway, Taco Bell

    Hobbies:  Reading

    Flowers/Plants:   I love house plants and outdoor plants, but due to allergies flowers are difficult for me.


    Things I have enough of:  candles and mugs


    Things I just love: Board games; card games; books; logic games; puzzles; cooking; movies; earrings

    Favorite Charity:  St. Jude's and the Twin Lakes Food Bank

    (I have allergies and asthma so any scented items are difficult for me.