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        Grab your lab coats and safety goggles because there is research to do, experiments to design, and questions to challenge! Welcome to Middle School Science! Science is the study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. This class will quite literally piece together how, what, or why things happen -from the smallest items like elements to the largest like our entire universe!

       This year we will explore 4 fields of science: physics, chemistry, earth science, and life science. As we study each avenue of science, we will focus on how all these fields connect and interact to make the world around us (or even in us), function!

        Because science is Latin based, students will basically be learning a whole new language! While the vocabulary can seem intense, our class will master this new and exciting language by using our New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with Common Core literacy and math standards. Students will learn to speak and write like a scientist!

    In an effort to introduce myself, here is a little about me:
    Elementary School: Panorama Elementary (Orange, Orange County)
    Middle School: Santiago MS (Orange, Orange County) 
    High School: El Modena HS (Orange, Orange County)
     College: University of California, Davis (Biological Science)
                 California State University, Sacramento (teaching credential)
                 California State Universuty, Riverside (math supplement)
    Teaching experience
    I grew up in the city of Orange in Orange County, California. I then came up north to college at UC Davis and earned a BS degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Neurology, Physiology, and Behavior. I then earned my teaching credential at Sac State University. I began teaching in 2006 as a student teacher and have been teaching since! This will be my 15th year teaching, yet 5th year teaching here! I am very excited to be here and can't wait to see what this school year brings!
    New Orleans  
    Contact Information
    Room: 208
    DL phone: 916-542-8550
    Classroom Phone: 916-294-9040 
    Email: nbarrie@fcusd.org