Printshop Ordering Guidelines and Limitiations

    • Any B/W or color print jobs smaller than 50 copies (50 sheets total).  Please copy at your local school site. 
    • Maximum of 500 business cards per person per order.
    • Tape Binding:  Any print orders requesting tape binding we can run up to 30 books.  If the order is larger than 30 books and 100 sheets or less these are your options: 
    We can 3-hole punch your book and provide clear front report covers to go with your books. 
    Option 2 we can add a front and back cardstock covers to your books with 2 staples on the left to bind them. 
    Option 3 if your book is larger than a 100 sheets we can add covers and 3-hole punch only.
    • Square Fold/ Saddle Stitch Booklets:  Up to 32 sheets with wrap around cover and 2 staples in the spine.  200 books of this type will be our maximum run any orders larger than 200 books will be processed with covers and 3-hole punched.
    • Color Copies:  A maximum of 1500 sheets of 8.5x11 one sided color copy per order.  If your job is 2 sided or on 11x17 the maximum per order is 750 sheets of color copy.  Any color orders larger than 1500 sheets will require a chargeback to the requestor budget.  This type of order must be approved by the Lead Printer and the requestor. No exceptions.