college app


    First Steps:


    Next Steps:

    • Determine which schools you will apply to and application method. Create accounts as needed:

    Common Application

    Coalition for College Application

    Specific college application

    • Attend virtual College Application Presentation with counselors in mid-September to get answers to most questions.
    • Attend virtual College Application Assistance sessions with counseling staff (mid-September through November) for assistance in a small group setting
    • Review your unofficial transcript. You can download your transcript following these instructions
    • Determine if your colleges require SAT/ACT. Many schools have gone to test optional or test blind or not accepted due to the limitied availability of testing during the pandemic. 



    Key Dates

    August 1

    • Common Application opens


    October 1


    November 30

    • Deadline for UC and CSU applications



    4 Year College Applications

    Step 1

    Decide where you’re going to apply.

    Step 2

    Complete/Submit College Applications

    Step 3

    Complete the Letter of Rec Packet

    (Provide a copy of your packet and email a request for a letter from your teachers and counselor)

    Step 4

    Complete the FAFSA online

    Step 5

    Apply for scholarships

    Step 6

    Wait for Admission Decisions