Superintendent's Communication Committee

  •  The Superintendent’s Communications Committee (SCC) was established in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District in 2011 to facilitate parent involvement in District matters. Parents want to be knowledgeable of District policies, decisions, and anything else that may affect their student’s school. The SCC is dedicated to student achievement and overall success.

    The purpose of SCC is to provide an environment where parents can receive and relay information with the Superintendent and provide stakeholder input on the Local Control and Accountability Plan.

    At the start of each school year, principals are asked to submit the name of their school’s parent representative. Parent coordinators and PTA/PTSO/PTO presidents are also invited to attend.

    Major topics of discussion may be suggested by parents to the Superintendent for the agenda. Examples of topics include the budget, student care, transportation, educational programs, school procedures, school safety, board of education meetings, etc.

    The SCC meets approximately five times a year. Meetings are open forums for parents to share their thoughts and concerns about District topics.  


     2019-20 Meeting Dates