• Calculus BC Midterm



    The problems in this review packet are not meant to be an all-inclusive representation of what will appear on your midterm exam. However, they can serve as an excellent place to start preparing. 

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    AB Multiple Choice Review    soln 1   soln 2


    Multiple choice solutions; here is another solution to for comparison to figure out the typos: Multiple choice Review solution
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    Keep in mind that there will be questions on AB materials- tangent lines, all derivative & integrals, limits, definitions of continuity- piecewise function, related rates, optimization, analysis f, f',f'' graphs, analysising f,f',f'' with tables,left/right/midpoint riemann sums, given an initial condition-find particular solutions to a differential eqn, 1st & 2nd derivative test, FTC 1 & 2.  Area underneath curves, rotational volume, exponential growth & decay problems, motion problems including speed, MVT. inverse derivatives.

     AB Review Materials 
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