• Submit a Maintenance Work Order

     Site Faculty/Staff

     Head Custodian or Site Admin

     Click below to login and submit a maintenance WO to your site representative for approval.
    Submittal Password on WO form is FCUSDWO

     Click below to login to Maintenance Direct to submit, approve, and manage work orders.
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    You can contact Cliff Roberson if you have any problems accessing SchoolDude.

    Note on Maintenance Emergencies:

    The WO system is NOT meant for handling maintenance emergencies. For situations that require immediate response, please call the maintenance department (916) 294-9095. If you don't get a live answer, contact Jim Bonovich directly.  Examples of maintenance emergencies are sewer backups, downed/leaning trees, broken water mains, indoor flooding, power outages, or any situation that presents immediate danger to students, staff, or district property.


    What Happens to My Work Order After Submittal?

            After submitting your work order, it will first be routed to your Head Custodian or a designated representative for site approval. At this point your custodian will either APPROVE or DECLINE the request.
    A request may be DECLINED if the custodian determines that they can handle the request themselves, or that the request is not appropriate for some reason.
            Once APPROVED by your site, your request will be routed to the Maintenance Department where it will be prioritized, assigned a new STATUS (most commonly Work in Progress) and routed to the appropriate Maintenance Technician.
    WO Flow

    Purpose of the Work Order System

    • Used to track “broken stuff” and facilitate getting issues prioritized and fixed efficiently.
    • NOT meant for new requests like facility improvements, new projects, or large jobs that require more detailed planning.
    • This doesn’t mean we don’t support such requests, we just want to track them outside of the work order system so the work flow stays lean, efficient and focused on getting broken systems up and running as quickly as possible.   
    • Send an email to JBonovic@fcusd.org if you have a non-WO request, or are uncertain whether you should submit a WO for a specific request.