Welcome to HappyFox, ETIS WO System

    The ticketing system that FCUSD uses for Technology Work Orders is called HappyFox. The help desk is to be referred to as Service Desk.
    The ETIS Department is a service based group that provides much more than help with technology when it isn't working as expected.
    There are several ways to access the ETIS Work Order system:
    • Click on the Happy Fox (ETIS Work Orders) menu item under Staff Channel of the district home page.
    • Click on the Help graphic on the ETIS Department web site (www.fcusd.org/ETIS).
    • Click on the shortcut placed in the FCUSD Applications Folder on your desktop labeled "ETIS Work Order (Happyfox)".
    • Click on the link at the top of the right column of this page.
    • Browse to www.fcusd.org/ETISwo
    Log onto Happyfox with the same username and password that you would use to sign onto e-mail.
    As a reminder, Schooldude is still the system of record to report Maintenance and Operations problems. It is still accessed by going to www.fcusd.org/schooldude or looking in the For Staff section of the district home page.
    If you are unsure of which selections to choose after browsing around in Footprints and reviewing the documents mentioned below it is recommended that you contact the Service Desk at (916) 294-9005 for assistance.  An improperly filled out service request will be severely delayed because it will need to be re-routed to the right technician or specialist and the person needing to correct the ticket may not have the required information to do so, which may necessitate cancelling the work order and starting the process over.  Filling out Service Desk requests correctly and as best you can will help us help you faster, sooner, and more efficiently.
    Getting started with Happyfox information is available in the program, once you log in.

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