• When you register for AP Calculus, you are confirming you read the material in the AP Calculus Presentation as well as the Course Expectations and Summer Work (linked below).  At the end of the presentation, you must complete the Google Form. Make sure you are logged into your FCUSD Google account when you complete the form.  


    Review the following prior to registering for AP Calculus: 
    Course Expectations- Read over the syllabus. Print / sign the last page. Bring on 1st day of class. 
     AP Calculus Summer Assignment -Optional 
    Successful calculus students have strong knowledge in Algebra II/ Geometry/ and Pre-Calculus and are able to move back and forth between the concepts. For example when discussing the solution of simultaneous linear equations, you should recognize that that’s the same as asking where two lines cross.  When give a quadratic function, you should be able to visualize the parabola that it defines – maybe not all of the details, but certainly be aware whether it opens up or down. Basic link an equation to its graphical representation.  
    Study these Formulas sheets :