• As of May 1 you may no longer request a refund for your AP Exams. 

    5/12/2020: Use this troubleshooting guide should you run into any issues during your exam

    5/11/2020 Update: AP Testing Starts this week! 

    Should you run into any technical difficulties that prevent you from completing your exam please fill out this form with College Board within 48 hours of your exam to request an e-ticket for the June test administration. 


    5/1/2020: AP Update:

    You can confirm your email with College Board by following the instructions listed here

    AP's most up to date info can be found at cb.org/ap2020

    AP Update 4/27/2020:

    College Board sent out the following items to help students prepare for the exams which start May 11. 

    1. At Home Testing Guide: This document walks you through all that you need to know for taking your AP test at home. It explains the exam process, what to do if you have issues, and what you will need in terms of technology and support items. 
      1. You have options for how you submit your answers- look them over and have a plan for what will work best for you.
      2.  Read what to do if something happens during your exam. There is a process that will need to be followed that is explained in the testing guide should you encounter technology issues. 
    2. Exam Practice
      1. Beginning the week of May 4 there will be a practice site available via College Board to check your browsers and to practice uploading your documents. It is strongly recommended that you take the time to explore the demo so that you know what to do on exam day. 
      2. If you are taking French or Spanish- please read about your technology requirements for your exam. There is a specific app you have to download that will be available the week of May 11, it will have a practice feature. 
    3. Exam Day Checklist: This will help you to be organized prior to starting your exam.
      1. Make sure you put your initials and AP ID on any document you submit, no matter what format you are submitting it. 
    4. College Board’s AP Prep Youtube Playlist: walks you through some of the information in the At Home Testing Guide.  

    Recommendations moving forward:

    • Review the At Home Testing Guide and know your testing schedule(all our exams are Pacific Time. 
    • Remember that you will need to log into your exam 30 minutes prior to its start time.
    • Check your tech- make sure you have the correct browsers and storage. Make sure your device has its power cables(you do not want your computer to lose battery power mid exam). 
    • Log into your College Board account- now is the time to reset a password if you have forgotten it. 
    • Talk with your family- make sure they understand that you will need a quiet space for the duration of your exam if possible. Also, kindly request that they avoid using up too much of your internet capacity(games, Netflix, etc) while you take your exam(s). 



    AP Update: 4/14, also included in the Weekly Parent Email from Administration:

    Good Afternoon AP Students and Families,

    As we approach the new AP exam dates I wanted to send the latest updates we have from College Board. 

    Taking the Exam

    AP exams will take place, at home, May 11-22. You can find the full schedule of exams here. We expect that students will take their exam(s) on the May date(s). The June exam dates are make-up exams due to technical issues or extenuating circumstances. We do not recommend students wait until the June exam dates to take their exams as there are no make up dates following those exam administrations. Students should note the time their exam begins and be prepared to log into the College Board system 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam(per College Board’s instructions). If a student was previously slated to take a late exam administration due to conflicting exams, that is no longer needed as there are no longer conflicting exam times. While the exams are open-book, please remember that communications with other students or teachers during the exams is prohibited and that College Board will have strict measures in place to prevent and detect cheating. 

    College Board Communications

    College Board will be communicating directly with students regarding their exams. Please make sure that your student’s AP profile is up-to-date with a current email address and please regularly monitor that email for contact from College Board. If your student used a school email address(ending in @student.fcusd.org) we need them to change that email as soon as possible as there are concerns that emails from College Board will get blocked. College Board has stated that they will begin to send students information regarding exams by the end of April, if you do not receive anything, check your spam filters and if needed, update your student’s email address. Students should receive a student handbook via email from College Board by the end of April/first week of May with information regarding access to exams, exam protocols, study materials, and directions on how to complete their exams during exam day. AP Teachers, administrators, district technical support, and myself will not be able to assist students the day of the exam so please ensure that students are familiar with the directions and what to do if they require technical assistance or encounter problems during the exam. 

    Exam Cancellations

    We highly encourage all students to take the AP exams they have studied for. The AP teachers are working hard to prepare the students to take the exams in the new format and believe that our students will be successful with the at-home exams. If, for some reason, your student wishes to cancel their exam they may do so by May 1 for a full refund. Any exams that are not cancelled by May 1 will not receive a refund. To request a refund you must go through Total Registration and submit a request, it may take a couple of days to be processed. 

    Score Reports

    If a student has not already noted where they would like their free score report to be sent after exams, they should log into their AP profile and select a school. This is particularly important for seniors who need their scores sent to colleges or universities for next year. 

    For more information regarding the at-home AP exam administration please check out the College Board’s student page and make sure your student is keeping up with their classwork in their AP courses

    • Stay in touch with your AP teacher(s). They will update you, when appropriate, as to what content will be on your exam and what needs to be studied for. 
    • As of today, distance learning will begin for FCUSD on March 30. Your AP teachers will have instruction ready for you then. Know that they miss you are eager to get back to learning.
    • Continue to review any extra enrichment items your teachers have provided to you, they are meant to help you continue your learning during this time.
    • Once AP exam dates are released, we will notify you as to the process for selecting your testing date for each exam.

    We will update you all as soon as we get more updates from College Board. As of today, our next update will be around April 3 and that will hopefully contain the testing dates and other vital information for the administration of the AP exams. We appreciate your patience as we work through everything and work with College Board to ensure that you get to take the exam(s) you have worked so hard for this school year. 

    Sarah Deters- AP Coordinator



    Welcome to Vista's AP Homepage. 

     Dear AP Students and Parents/Guardians, 


    If your student is currently enrolled in an Advanced Placement course, the expectation is that he/she will be taking the AP exam that accompanies it. If a student passes the exam with a score of 4 or 5, most public and private universities will award college credit. A score of 3 is recognized by many California state schools, many schools in the UC system, and some of the private universities. Each university is different, and parents and students may want to research the AP policy at the schools that you are considering for your student.  For more information about the AP exams and test day, students and parents should carefully read all CollegeBoard AP policies and procedures in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents, which is available on the CollegeBoard website.  www.collegeboard.org 


    For the 2020 AP exams, students at Vista del Lago High School will be registering online through Total Registration. This registration takes a few minutes and can be completed from any computer with internet access.  Online registration will not only ensure a higher level of accuracy in our students’ preadministration responses, but it will also save them significant registration “bubble-in” time on the actual AP test day.


    Online Exam registration will begin on August 12, 2019 and end on November 10, 2019 at 11:59 PM for Fall courses. Registration for spring courses will begin on January 2, 2020 and end on March 10. In order to register, students should go to www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/054166.  To complete registration, students must answer all of the required questions. Registration is not complete until students are able to print the pdf of the confirmation page that is provided at the end. We know that parents may desire to register their students for exams. We strongly recommend that parents and students are both present while registering to ensure that the correct exams are ordered. If you took an AP exam last year, please use the same email when registering. 


    Registration Dates and Deadlines

    Registration Type



    Regular Registration

    Fall: August 12-October 4

    Spring: January 6-February 14

    $100 per exam

    Late Registration

    Fall: October 5- November 10

    Spring: February 15- March 10

    $105 per exam

    After November 10th and March 10th, students will not be able to register for the exam.


    Vista del Lago High School is excited to offer families the convenience of paying exam fees online at the time of registration. Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration. Paying online is a great way to make sure that payment has been made while avoiding mailing payment.  Registrations that have not been paid for by the registration deadline will be cancelled and exams will not be ordered.

    We understand that on rare occasions students must cancel an exam. Please understand that refunds are not automatic, and students are responsible for requesting any refunds by logging into the Total Registration website and requesting a refund.  Here is our refund policy:

    • Students who cancel an exam by March 9, 2020 are entitled to a full refund of the exam fee.
    • Students who cancel an exam by April 1, 2019 are entitled to a partial refund of $50.
    • After April 1, 2019 there are no refunds.


    Students with established financial need may qualify for reduced fees for the exam(s). Please talk to Mrs. Moore in the Assistant Principal’s Office by October 11 about the process if financial need makes it difficult to take the exam.  You can still complete your registration online prior to speaking with Mrs. Moore.


    Thank You, 


    Sarah Deters


AP Test Registration Information

  • Information about registering for the 2019-2020 AP Exams will be coming to your student through their AP class. 

    This year, AP and the College Board have changed the registration dates for AP exams. Please note that ALL fall AP students must be registered  by first week of October or they will incur a late fee, or not be allowed to take their test.

    All spring AP students will have a set of registration deadlines.