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    Mrs. Greco's Room 4 Suggested School Supply List 
    Daily Supplies (to be kept in/at desk)
    *  A box of crayons (no more than 24 crayons in a box)- write name on outside of box  
    *  A child sized sock (used as a white board eraser)
    *  A rectangle student eraser (pink or white)- label with name
    *  A pair of scissors- label with name
    *  Two- 2 pocket sturdy folders, any color/design, just not a clear or see through folder. (One will be used for homework and one for daily language & math packets in desk)- please put name on outside of folders.
    * One 100 page wide ruled spiral paper notebook for journal writing, any color. Label with name on the outside. 
    * A backpack (please no backpacks with wheels)- label with name
    * A lunchbox and reusable water bottle, labeled with name  
    * A pair of headphones for computer/laptop time. Please put in a large Ziplock labeled with name. 
    * A small flashlight with required and installed batteries.  Please label flashlight with your child's name. (This is for our Flashlight Friday reading times)
    *  A zipper pencil pouch large enough to fit a box of crayons, one pencil, one expo marker, one rectangle eraser, one small sock, and one pair of scissors in. Please label with name. *Please no plastic pencil boxes and/or mini pencil sharpeners. Thank you! 
    Shared Classroom Supplies (these will be collected on the first day of school)
    * A pack of 4 Expo white board markers- any color
    * A box of #2 Ticonderoga sharpened pencils (please look for Ticonderoga pencils) 
    * A pack of 8-12 or more Elmer's or Scotch brand glue sticks (we love glue in 1st grade!)
    * One bottle of white Elmer's glue
    Crayola brand 8 or 16 washable watercolor paint set in white tray 
    * A box of Kleenex
     Teacher Wish List
    * Optional- a pack of white printer paper
    * Optional- a box of band aids 
    At Home Supplies for Homework
    * Dice and a deck of playing cards for at home math games
    * Please have a children's dictionary by December
    Thank you!