• Creating a new teacher Account and Profile


    If you have been approved to enroll in the Teacher Induction program by the FCUSD Teacher Induction Coordinator, use the following directions to create a new teacher account and profile.


    This account will allow you access to the SCOETI website and all of the resources and information you will need as you clear your preliminary credential. 


    Here are the steps:


    1.    Go to the SCOETI website located at www.scoeti.org 

    2.    You will see a welcome screen.

    3.    The section on the right says "News and Updates".

    4.    This section has a sub title called “New Participating Teachers- Apply Now”. Click on that link.

    5.    The next screen says “SCOE Teacher Induction Participation Application”. “Teacher”.

    6.    Read and click on both boxes. A tab will appear with the message “Proceed with SCOE Teacher Induction Application”. Click on that link.

    7.    Complete the next sections as prompted.


    Please contact the Teacher Induction Coordinator should you need assistance with this process.