• Quick Start for New Teacher Candidates

    FCUSD partners with SCOE to provide Teacher Induction. As a Teacher Candidate in SCOE’s Teacher Induction (SCOE TI) program, you will work with
    an experienced Mentor to complete the various requirements to clear your credential.

    By the end of the school year, you are to complete:

    •  Orientation

    Register on the SCOE Dashboard website (www.scoeti.org) and attend an overview of the Induction program components at the Kickoff. Learn about the SCOE TI Dashboard, program requirements and tools and other frequently asked questions.

    • Tasks on SCOE TI (scoeti.org)

    Complete all tasks on SCOE Dashboard, an on-line database designed to support your credential path, provide a portal to your on-line induction work, and keep a record of your task status. In the SCOE Dashboard, you will document your completion of the tasks described below and create an electronic portfolio of your Induction work.

    • Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

    Develop and implement your Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) focused on your unique professional learning goals.

    • Weekly Conversation

    Log 40 hours of collaboration time with your Mentor and other personnel, staff and community members who can support your professional learning goals.

    • FCUSD Monthly District Meetings

    Register on Go Sign Me Up for all FCUSD Monthly District Meetings, held at the ESC Located at 1965 Birkmont Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA. There are two meetings per month to choose from, either elementary or secondary focus. Most meetings are held from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. These district meetings are designed to give you the opportunity to collaborate with your grade level colleagues, work on your ILP progress, design your own fall and spring inquiries that support your ILP goal, and reinforce your understand of and reflection upon and application of the CA Standards for the Teaching Profession.

    • Professional Development (PD)

    Complete PD that aligns with your Individualized Learning Plan goal. Examples include workshops, trainings, on-line offerings, formal observation of an experienced teacher and resources from the book; Teach Like a Champion. 24 hours are required by our IHE partners to purchase units at the end of the year. These units may be used to advance you on the salary scale. Prior approval through HR is required when submitting any units for advancement on the salary scale.

    • Professional Growth Presentation (PGP)

    In the spring, each teacher will present evidence of growth within the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) goal, to fellow credential candidates, using a prescribed protocol. SCOE requires that you upload presentation notes to the SCOE Dashboard.

    Teacher Induction provides many resources to help you complete your requirements, including: Monthly District Meetings, an experienced Mentor to guide you, Continuum of Teaching Practice, California Standards for the Teaching Profession, etc., along with the SCOE Dashboard and quarterly professional learning days called Super Saturdays.

    Resources: You will find resources on both the SCOE Dashboard and the FCUSD Teacher Induction Google Classroom application.


    Sacramento Teacher Induction Consortium Staff:

    Chris Roe, Ed. D, Program Director 916-228-2236 croe@scoe.net

    Tammy Patten, Program Coordinator 916-228-2536 tpatten@scoe.net

    Karista Yeagley, Program Analyst 916-228-2496 kyeagley@scoe.net

    Fax: (916) 228-3921 | Website: www.scoeti.org Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/scoeti