District Coordinator

  • Coordination

    Keep SCOE staff apprised of all concerns and issues that may be surfacing with stakeholders

    Regularly communicate with the Teacher Induction office and other partners about implementation

    Update Board Members annually about the Teacher Induction Program

    Share information about Teacher Induction regularly with Administrators, Curriculum & Instruction, Finance, Human Resources & others.


    Assist with Recruitment

    Work with Human Resources to maintain a current list of all teachers who are eligible to participate

    Contact new hires with eligibility and orientation information, and make sure that agreements are signed

    Advise new hires of credential requirements, as needed

    Assist in informing teachers about the SCOE Induction Orientation for eligible teachers

    Work with Mentors

    Work with the District Administrators to select and match all Mentors to new teachers

    Attend quarterly SCOE Module Seminars with Mentors and new teachers

    Monitor the success of the Mentor/new teacher match; recommend dismissal of any Mentor who is not   successful

    Provide additional counsel and support to district Mentors as needed

    Identify lead trainers in the district

    Fiscal Duties

    Work with business office to develop a yearly budget that provides money for Teacher Induction/BTSA activities


    Monitor the day-to-day implementation of the program in the District

    Arrange training for district level needs including district adopted materials in content areas and materials for English Learners

    Monitor completion of new teachers on SCOETI Dashboard

    Review Individual Learning Plans (ILP)

    Preview Induction Portfolios and evidence of credential candidates seeking credential completion

    Assist in annual evaluation activities and preparation of all accountability reports for the state including program review

    Review all program evaluation data & meet with Mentor/ new teacher pairs who are behind in order to develop a plan for completion & modified timeline

    Site Administrators

    Schedule/attend Site Administrator training, including training in site administrator responsibilities for site orientation

    Provide regular updates on the program to the Site Administrator

    Inform administrators about SCOE Module Seminars


    Attend SCOE meetings with Consortium Directors

    Facilitate the End-of-year Summative Event at SCOE

    Attend Mentor Updates and Super Saturday offerings, where applicable