• Quick Start for Mentors

    As a Mentor, you will use SCOE Teacher Induction’s formative assessment system and the SCOE Dashboard to assist your assigned Teacher Candidates as they clear their credentials. You will also use the FCUSD Google Classroom for resources.

    What do Mentors do? They...

    • Have knowledge of “art” of teaching and effective practice within the CSTP
    • Provide “just-in-time” support to teachers
    • Guide and facilitate teacher professional growth along the Continuum of Teaching Practice
    • Support continued self-assessment and reflection on teacher’s practice
    • Continue to develop mentoring skills needed to most effectively support each teacher

    • Support retention and development of new teachers

    Mentors support their new teachers in their tasks. By the end of the school year, the following are to be completed by the new teacher:

    Credential Candidates (New Teachers)

    • FCUSD Orientation
    • Develop and implement Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

    • Tasks on SCOE Dashboard (www.scoeti.org)
    • Weekly Conversations (40 Hours)
    • FCUSD Monthly District Meetings 

    • Professional Growth Presentation (PGP)

    Participate in the FCUSD Teacher Induction Google Classroom

    Additionally, Mentors

    • Register for and attend FCUSD Monthly District Meetings (Register on Go Sign Me Up)

    • Approve the Teachers Candidates’ tasks in SCOE Dashboard

    • Facilitate and approve the 40 hours of weekly conversation hours for each teacher

    • Engage in the Mentor Seminars, which are embedded in the FCUSD Monthly meetings, for program updates, developing ILP, coaching skills, problem-solving, networking, and sharing expertise
    • Facilitate a dialogue between credential candidates at the PGP

    • Complete Mentor Practicum 


    FCUSD New Mentor Training Days:

    Day 1     9/11/19                8:30-2:30             ESC Room 304

    Day 2     10/9/19                8:30-2:30             ESC Room 304

    Day 3     11/6/19                8:30-2:30             ESC Room 304

    Day 4     12/4/19              8:30-2:30             ESC Room 304

    Day 5     1/8/20                  8:30-2:30            ESC Room 304


    Sacramento Teacher Induction Consortium Staff

    Chris Roe, Ed.D, Program Director 916-228-2236 croe@scoe.net

    Tammy Patten, Program Coordinator 916-228-2536 tpatten@scoe.net

    Karista Yeagley, Program Analyst 916-228-2496 kyeagley@scoe.net

    Fax: (916) 228-3921 | Website: www.scoeti.org Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/scoeti