Social Club

Navigator Falcon Friends Club

  • Falcon Friends is a peer mentoring program at our school.  It fosters friendsships with some of our students that learn or act differently.  The Falcon Friends program benefits both students and provides role modeling on how to interact with a friend.  We will model social skilss through fun activities such as board games, simple ball games, climbing a rock wall, etc.)  Being a mentor is a fabulous skill to develop in elementary school that will carry over into their middle school years and beyond.

    Falcon Friends will get the opportunity to mentor younger students once every couple of weeks.  A teacher will facilitate an activity during lunch recess.  

    Club requirements:

    • Interested students will be picked by their classroom teacher
    • Attend all training
    • Be in good standing -having completed all work assignemtns for the week
    • Signed permisson by parents that is on file.


    If you have any questions about this program please feel free to contact either 

    Stacy Beamer, Christine Moreno or Rosanne Coburn, Special Education Teachers  or Jeanette Smith (School Psychologist)

    916 294-2420 ext 660218 or 660208