CUT-Missed class without teacher or parent permission

    EED-Excused early dismissal (leave during class for a medical appt, funeral service, etc.)

    ETD-Excused Tardy

    IHC-Independent Study Complete

    IHI- Independent Study Incomplete(work not turned in yet)

    IMV-Ill medically verified(signed note by a physician)

    IPV-Ill parent verified

    SUS- Suspended from school

    UED-Unexcused early dismissal (left class early due to going out of town, personal necessity, etc.)

    UNX-Unexcused absence (DMV appt; out of town, personal day, etc.)

    UNV- Student is not in class

    NOC- No contact with parent or student as to the reason student is out.

    PPA- Principal Pre-approved

    REL- Student is out for a religious holiday (request sent in writing 48 hour prior)