Written or telephone verifications of excused absence(s) must be received within three (3) days or the absence becomes a CUT and may result in assignment of Saturday School and loss of extracurricular privileges.                                                        

    School attendance is mandatory by state law for all youth under the age of 18 who have not graduated from high school, except as otherwise provided by the law. For accounting purposes, the state will only fund our school for the actual time students are in class; consequently, the school loses funding for every day the student is absent, even if the absence is excused.

    Students and parents/guardians accept responsibility for regular attendance. It is expected that a parent will call the attendance office each day that the student is absent.  Falsification or forgery of a note or phone call is grounds for suspension.  

    ATTENDANCE LINE: (916) 294-2410 ext. 410800

    The following are legally excused absences as defined by the California Education Code:

    • Illness
    • Quarantine
    • Medical or dental appointments
    • Immunization needs
    • Funeral
    • Jury duty or court appearance

    Justifiable Personal Reasons: The California Education Code defines justifiable personal reasons as funeral attendance, court appearance, religious holiday or ceremony observance, religious retreats, some pre-approved work-related conferences, service on an elections precinct board, and/or participation in religious instruction of no more than one hour per week. Parents must submit a written request and receive the approval of the principal 48 hours in advance.

    If a student has ten or more absences for illness, the parent/guardian must provide a note from a licensed medical practitioner validating the student's illness or medical condition. If a note is not provided, student’s absences will not be cleared and may result in Saturday School.

    Students absent on the day of a school activity may not attend or participate in the activity unless the Principal/designee verifies the absence as an emergency. A student absent on Friday before Senior Ball may not attend the dance without administrative clearance.

    Students who have three or more unexcused absences in a grading period, may receive a negative citizenshp mark which may prevent participation in extracurricular activities (this includes athletics, performing arts, student activities, dances, club activities, etc.)

    Leaving Campus After School Begins

    Vista del Lago is a CLOSED campus.  If a student needs to leave school before the end of the school day, he/she must obtain a Permit to Leave Campus by bringing a note from a parent/guardian to the attendance office before school.  This note should include the reason for leaving campus.  If illness occurs during school, student should see the nurse before contacting a parent.  A parent call received AFTER the student has left campus will not excuse the closed campus violation.

    Failure to secure permission from the front office before leaving campus is considered a “cut” and will result in a closed campus violation and may require Saturday school.

    Extended Absences

    Independent Study should be requested by a parent or guardian when a student will be absent for a period not less than FIVE school days and not more than FIFTEEN. Requests for Independent Study must be made at least five days prior to the first day of the absence from school, unless absences are a result of an unexpected illness or injury.  An Independent Study contract must be signed and work must be picked up before the first day of the Independent Study.  The student must turn completed work in on the day he/she returns as this is NOT late or make-up work.       

    Absence Make-up Policy

    No student will have his/her grade reduced or lose academic credit for any missed assignments or tests occuring during an excused absence. Students with excused absences will be given adequate time to complete work.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teacher upon the first day returning to class to secure missed work and revised due date(s). Any work that was assigned before student’s absence is due the day he/she returns.  

    Students receiving an off-campus suspension have the right to complete assignments and tests missed during suspension for full credit. A reasonable make-up schedule will be determined by the teacher.