• History Day meets every Tuesday after school in Mrs. Lawson's room, 305.  Mrs. Lawson is the advisor and can be reached at mlawson@fcusd.org. Anyone who wants to join must do so by October 1 to adequately be prepared for the district event in late January.  


    A schedule of meeting dates and topics is posted outside of room 30-5 every 6-8 weeks.  


    History Day is not just a day. It's a year-long experience.  Students research a topic they are interested in and tie it to the annual History Day theme. This year, the theme is "Triumph and Tragedy."   Student create projects and prepare to compete at the district, county, state and national level. Topics do not have to relate to the grade level history curriculum. They can focus on a variety of interests or historical contexts such as local history, national history, state history or world history.  Topics can be centered in the sciences, sports, the arts, pop culture and  of course, history.  


    Any student who wishes to compete MUST check in with Mrs. Lawson regularly. 

    Advisor: Melissa Lawson, Room 305  mlawson@fcusd.org.
    General meetings for the after school program are typically every Tuesday before and after school for 30 minutes or by appointment with Mrs.Lawson. 
    Wow!  Once again Folsom Middle School SWEPT the Sacramento County History Day competition this past weekend at Inderkum High School.  All 31 students who participated gave everyone  who competed county- wide some stiff competition.  A great time was had by all.  This year's theme was "Triumph and Tragedy in History" for all topics and categories. 
    ****The following students walked away with CASH prizes of $25 - $100!****
    They are:
    • Kai Chang won the Mary Tsukamoto Award with his paper about the Wakamatsu Colony
    • Callie Jacobosky won the Access Sacramento Award with her documentary about Sarah Winchester
    • Ayah Haleem won the Sojourner Truth Award with her paper about Nina Simone
    • Rishy Abevakenar won a Special Awards Committee Honorary Mention  with his paper about a famous and historic mathematician
    • Jovia Low won TWO special awards for her paper about a courageous German citizen of faith who opposed Nazism and Adolph Hitler. She won the Dick Sprague Award AND the Eastlawn Memorial Park Award.
    • Akshika Pradeeban and Alisha Mark won the Holocaust Studies Award for their exhibit about Anne Frank. 
    ***In addition to the Special Award winners above, we have EIGHT projects advancing to the National History Day California State Finals in Rocklin in May. ****
    The following projects were among the top three in each category which WILL advance to the state finals:
    • Irene Jung and Sabina Han's Junior Group Exhibit on Martin Luther King, Jr. , Civil Rights icon
    • Callie Jacobosky 's Junior Individual documentary on Sarah Winchester, builder of a huge and unusual house and gun-violence opponent.
    • Kai Chang's paper on the Wakamatsu Colony, the very first Japanese settlement in the U.S. (located right in our own backyard in El Dorado County!)
    • Shruti Sahoo's paper on Justin Dart, the father of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • Russell Stevens' paper on the Alaska Earthquake of 1989
    • (Jovia Low's paper on Dietrick Bonhoeffer is a runner-up for State.)
    • Abheek Gandhi and Dan Le's Junior Group Documentary on The India-Pakistan Partition about the conflict between the two nations.
    • Devansh Katiyar, Daniel Guo and Pranav Mittal's Junior Group Web Site on the Space Race.
    • Akansha Jain and Arnav Chatty's web site on Einstein and nuclear chain reaction
    If you know these students, please take a moment to congratulate them. 
    Qualifying for the state finals is very difficult, and all 31 of our 2019 History Day students worked very hard and pushed themselves well beyond their own comfort zones to accomplish more than they imagined in conducting and presenting deep research and meeting extraordinarily high History Day standards that far exceed what Common Core asks of middle school students. 
    They all must interview in person with judges to answer questions about their topics and the process they underwent to complete their work. It's all very new to them and gives them an important first glimpse at presenting themselves in a professional setting. 
    The following students accomplished all of that as they competed at County History Day, and although their projects fell short of the top three, they worked very hard outside of their normal classroom demands to represent FMS by putting forth their personal best work quality at the County contest.  Congratulations to all!
    Sejal Senthil (exhibit)
    Siri Rao ( exhibit)
    Jack Andrews ( web site)
    Arush Arora (paper) 
    Jayana Nanayakkara (paper) 
    Akshika Pradeeban (exhibit)
    Gavin Martinez ( paper)
    Eshan Ravikanthi ( web site)
    Anika Garg ( paper)
    Kai Houlihan (paper)
    Ashi Gupta (exhibit)
    Advait Mannepalli  ( web site)
    Sahana Shankar (exhibit)

    We are SO Proud of everyone who participated this year. We will continue to support those who are moving on to STATE!