• Kindergarten Supply List

    Generally most of the supplies are provided to the class at the beginning of the year from funds given by our generous and wonderful PTO, however this fluctuates every year. If you are able to contribute in any way it is much apprecitated! 


     If you are able to contribute in any way it is much apprecitated! Please support and join the PTO this year. If you are able to join, look for membership information in the Wednesday folders, or go to the office to fill out the form.


    Need Supplies: Standard-sized Backpack (no wheels)
    Headphones for your child (in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag labeled with child’s name).

    Suggested:  Donations are always welcome, appreciated and needed! Box of Kleenex, clorox wipes, ( I wipe class surface daily) Gift Cards to Target, Walmart, Office Depot, or Lakeshore Learning for classroom supplies as needed (Optional, but appreciated; we do replenish supplies throughout the year)


    Thank you in advance for your support!