• Parent Education Preschool

    • Children must be three (3) years of age by September 1, 2019.
    • Be potty trained.  Diapers are not acceptable due to health regulations and facility limitations.
    • Have a current immunization records and copy of birth certificate on file with the FCAS office.

    Enrolled ADULT students must:

    • Have a current negative TB test on file with the FCAS office.
    • Participate approximately 18 hours a month, which includes one 3-hour day per week, one field trip per month, and one night class per month.

    Preschool Classes are held four days each week. As the Student, the Parent will work one day each week in the classroom in addition to attending one night meeting and one field trip each month.

    This class will help improve your parenting skills as you learn:

    • How children develop
    • What the capabilities are at various stages of development
    • What the children do and do not enjoy
    • How to view your child as an individual
    • How your child relates to others of the same age

    This parent education class covers both theory and practical application to help you understand child development and create exciting new activities for your child. Research and practice show that strong parent involvement and partnership with school are directly related to school quality, child development and student achievement. Your enrollment in this program is a wonderful way to begin what we hope will be many years of partnership with your local schools. You are your child’s first and most important teacher.  Parent-child activities done at home can result in life-long benefits for your child.

    There are six basic core standards that will be taught in our Parent Education classes (click here to read the Parent Education Core Standards):

    • Child development
    • Positive discipline
    • Kindergarten readiness
    • Literacy
    • Social skills
    • Nutrition, health, and safety

    Parents will work in groups to plan, create, and prepare activities and instructional materials.  In addition, parenting concerns and joys are shared. As you gain experience observing children and their range of development, you will learn how to prepare age-appropriate activities. The parenting class is a positive learning experience for both parent and child to:

    • Make friends
    • Learn to work and play in a group
    • Experience and discover
    • See himself or herself as a learner
    • Observe children

    Anything we do in class is not for an evaluation of skill, but for experience and sense of discovery. Each effort is warmly greeted with enthusiasm. We emphasize thinking and trying in a positive manner.

    The phrase “age-appropriate” is a key term; this is not kindergarten or first grade. Our class task is not to push kids into activities their bodies are not ready to accept. Rather we, as parent teachers, try to enhance your child’s natural development and sense of discovery. We discuss topics such as discipline, realistic expectations, age characteristics, special education, learning styles and kindergarten readiness.

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    Click here to register for the 2019-20 Preschool class.


    There is a non-refundable $75 Registration Fee due upon Registration. 

    Annual tuition for preschool is $1,800. Tuition is paid in monthly installments of $180. However, the first and last months' tuition will need to be paid prior to August 1, 2018. Recurring Monthly Billing will be automatically processed from September 2018 through April 2019.


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