Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

  • The Folsom Cordova Unified School District does NOT carry dental or medical insurance for students injured on school premises, while under school jurisdiction, or while participating in school district activities.

    You are responsible for medical and dental bills if your child gets hurt during school activities.

    While the District takes appropriate measures to protect your child from injury, accidents can and do occur - even in safe environments.  The District provides information on voluntary student insurance coverage plans available for purchase through Student Insurance, an independent insurance company (Ed Code 49472).

    Insurance coverage may be arranged by parents/guardians through individual policies, group insurance or through a voluntary insurance program of the Student Insurance Agency. The Student Insurance Agency policy covers accidental injuries sustained by a student traveling to and from school and while participating in regular school activities including athletics.

    Rates from 2019-20 (Rates are updated annually.)


    High Option

    Mid Option

    Low Option

    24-Hour Accident Insurance - (Grades PreK/K-12)

    Covers injuries caused by accidents occurring anytime (24 hours a day) anywhere in the world. Coverage also includes participation in certain organized sports.




    School Time Accident Insurance - (Grades PreK/K-12)

    Covers injuries caused by accident occurring (1) at school during the school day; (2) while participating in school-sponsored and supervised activities; and (3) during the direct and uninterrupted travel to and from residence and school for regular attendance.




    Interscholastic Tackle Football - (Grades 9-12)

    Covers injuries received while participating in sponsored or supervised High School Interscholastic football games or practice sessions.




    Extended Dental


    :  If you currently have your own health coverage for your child, Student Insurance may be able to be used to help pay those eligible charges not covered by other insurance (i.e. deductibles and co-payments).

     Questions?  Contact Student Insurance at (800) 367-5830.

     Students in grades 7-12 who wish to participate in interscholastic sports, including cheerleading, mascots, band, drill team, etc., must provide proof of medical insurance prior to the first practice (Ed Code 32220-32224). 

    To complete an application, please visit Student Insurance’s website: 

    1. Go to www.studentinsuranceusa.com 
    2. Click on “K-12” under the “Student Insurance” drop down menu at the top of the page
    3. Click “K-12 Online Enrollment” 
    4. Select “School State” and click “Look Up”
    If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Student Insurance at 1-800-367-5830.