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    Oak Chan 2nd Grade Supply List



    Student Supplies

    -Dry erase white board and expo pens.

    -backpack (please avoid rolling backpacks)

    -crayons (24 per box)

    -thick tip color markers (10-12 per box)

    -colored pencils (12 per box)



    -glue sticks (permanent kind works best)

    -small pencil sharpener (one that catches shavings)

    -headphones or earbuds (place in Ziploc bag with student name)

    -mechanical pencil #7

    -pencil lead #7



    Classroom Supplies

    -extra glue sticks

    -zipper bags (sandwich and gallon size)

    -Kleenex tissue

    -baby or hand wipes

    -box of sharpened pencils




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