• Suggested Supplies List
    *Backpack (preferably not rolling- not enough room)
    *2- (100 sheet, tape bound) Composition Books (1 for writing and 1 for
    *Binder paper (1 package loose wide-ruled)
    *1- Pencil pouch with zipper. (No pencil boxes. They don’t fit)
    *School pencils (1 pack of 12 sharpened)
    *Small pencil sharpener with a shavings catcher
    *Small personal stapler and staples to keep in desk
    *Large pink pearl eraser
    *1- Red or Blue package of ballpoint pens for self-checking and editing.
    *1- large glue stick and 1 bottle of elmer’s type glue
    *1- set of colored pencils (box of 12 or 24 sharpened)
    *1 hi-lighter (any color)
    *1- set of dry erase markers
    *1- old (clean) sock (used as an eraser for whiteboard work)
    *Scissors marked with your child’s name
    *earbuds (headphones will NOT fit in the desk) in a small ziplock bag
    (labeled) (we will use these daily)
    Optional Classroom Donations
    *White copy paper
    *Wide ruled binder paper
    *Lots and lots of boxes of Kleenex :)
    *Sharpies (black)
    *Cleaning wipes
    *Extra whiteboard markers
    *Colored pencils
    *Hand sanitizer
    *Goodies for our class auctions (we’ll discuss more at BTSN)
    Thank you for taking the time to gather these supplies. I REALLY appreciate all of
    the donations you can add to our class! Your child will also need to bring a book for Silent
    Reading EVERY day! Again, please remember to LABEL EVERYTHING (Backpack, lunch,
    jackets, supplies etc.)