• Thank you for visiting this page! I want you to be successful in Biology. Below are five tips on what you could do everyday to be prepared for class:
    1. Review daily-even if it is for 10 minutes. Your "review time" is not considered doing your homework or staring at your notes, warm ups, or learning targets.
    2. Be actively engaged in your review and studies:
          a. You should be able to explain the concept in your own words the answers that are in your warm ups, homework, and learning targets.
          b. Try to draw out or illustrate any processes involved in the concept. As you are drawing or illustrating, talk to yourself and explain it to yourself. 
          c. If you are doing the above a & b, then you should have your OWN notes that you have written and drawn out. 
    3. "Reading and looking over your stuff" will not be sufficient for most students. We have to learn to be active learners and agents of our learning. 
    4. Many of our students are very talented outside the classroom through their athletic, musical, and/or artistic backgrounds. The ability to achieve this level of performance has taken hours of practice. You did not get to this point in your athletic, musical, or artistic career simply by staring at footage, music sheets or canvas. You used your motor skills to practice, practice, and practice  to cement the information you learned. Until you actually get out in the field, pick up the instrument, and create on canvas, your knowledge of content cannot be demonstrated. Therefore in order to be successful in the classroom as you are outside the classroom, I recommend you follow the same work ethic. Make sure your review and study time is purposeful, meaningful, and that you are actively engaged in your studies.
    5. Your positive outlook does help too. Believe in yourself! I believe in you.
    • I can change my intelligence and abilities through effort.
    • I can succeed.
    • I belong in this learning community.
    • This work has value and purpose for me. 
                        -Katrina Schwartz, Feb. 2014
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I see the best in you :)