Welcome to Room 17


    Dear Third Grade Families,


    Welcome to third grade at Folsom Hills I am so excited to be joining such an amazing school! I am so happy your student will be in my class. I can’t wait to welcome them to Room 17. We are going to have a wonderful year learning, exploring and having fun together. Here is a list of suggested school supplies that we will use throughout the school year as well as a classroom wish list.


    These items will be collected then passed out and stored for use throughout the school year:

    *        1 Box of 24 Ticonderoga pencils (sharpened if possible)

    *        Elmer’s Glue Sticks

    *        Pink pearl erasers

    These items will go inside their desk

    *        2 Composition books

    *        Headphones/ear buds-in a small Ziploc bag, labeled with their name and teacher.

    Please bring the following items, I have small pencil box (no larger than 6”X10”) for inside your student’s desk:

    *        1 pkg of Colored Pencils or  1 pkg of Crayola Twistable Crayons or Crayons

    *        2 Expo Dry Erase Markers

    *        1 yellow, pink and green highlighter for Step up to Writing

    *        1 pen for correcting (Colors can be red, pink, aqua, green, etc.)

    *        1 glue stick the larger ones last the longest and don't dry out

    *        1 pair of kids size scissors

     I also am recommending that all students have a set of multiplication and division flashcards to be kept at home. We will be working with fact fluency and these will help out greatly.

    Wish List for Class Supply Jar

    *        Clorox wipes

    *        Kleenex 

    *        Colored sharpies and or fine tip black sharpies for final drafts

    *        earaser caps

    *        Dry erase markers

    *        Highlighters

    *        Individual packages of snacks for our treasure box


    Any donations now and throughout the year are greatly appreciated.  


    Enjoy the end of your summer and I look forward to seeing you the first day of school on August 11. Thank you in advance for all your support and contributions.