Image of a cell phone and laptop computer
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES/TECHNOLOGY: The Beginning Composition course includes a firm commitment to the intellectual and ethical use of technology to enhance student learning. I would like to encourage students to bring to class a device (Chromebooks are relatively inexpensive and a great tool, or a smart phone, tablet, small laptop) on which they can access the school’s wi-fi. That is not to say that a device is required: students can access technology at home. The care and security of the device is the your responsibility. Additionally, in this class we will frequently use Chromebooks supplied by the school. The following activities are disruptive to learning and you will no longer be allowed to use your device if the following infractions occur:

    • Using the device to engage in any activity that violates district policy or procedures.
    • Using personal devices during an exam or to cheat or plagiarize.
    • Communicating with anyone via text message, email or phone call during class time, unless authorized by the teacher.
    • Using the device at an inappropriate time or for researching or surfing the Internet for anything other than the assigned work.
    • Recording or transmitting any audio or video of the actual class without specific teacher permission. This includes pictures.
    • Duplicating or storing any material that breaks copyright law.
    • Accessing, creating, distributing, or transmitting abusive, slanderous, libelous, discriminatory, or explicit material, including harassing, bullying or threatening another individual in a technological environment.
    With the goal of helping students build a positive technological footprint, students will be constructing their own blogs on EduBlogs: a site for school use that limits access to teachers and their students. Students will blog and respond to writing prompts on both your personal page and our class page. Students will also be creating accounts on, Remind, and Google Classroom.  It is expected that all students follow all district policies and procudures when using these sites.