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    Weight Training and Fit 1 with Mr. Hunter
    Links to our Course Expectations and Medical Illness/Injury Form can be found on the right.
    Below is information on our PE activity logs. 

    All 9th and 10th graders are required to participate in 36 hours of recreational activities every 9 weeks, for a total of 72 hours during the term they are not enrolled in PE (dance, fit 1, fit 2, CrossFit, weights).  Any physical activity such as athletic practices/games, biking, jogging, swimming, stretching, gymnastics, aerobic/dance classes, gym workouts, or other outdoor activities count toward the hours.  This assignment was discussed with your child in his/her advisory class.  Students should ask their Physical Education teacher if they need further assistance.  If your student is not taking PE as a 10th grader then they need to see the counseling office to have the task excused until they take their second year of PE.   

    Students will record their Physical Activity log in Naviance.  A link to Naviance is available on the school website.  Students need to complete their activity log task before Winter Break if they are taking PE during the Spring term or they will need to complete their activity log task by the middle of May if they are in PE during the Fall term.