With membership fees and fundraising efforts, we have been able to:


    • Host well-loved events like Veteran's Tribute, Trunk or Treat, Cheetah Round Up and Pancake Breakfasts.
    • Give all teachers enrichment money
    • Purchase180 books from Barnes & Noble, including 2 class sets (all books divided between all classes!)
    • Fund a huge paper shipment
    • STEAM night food
    • Purchase banners to hang outside the school to get information out to more families
    • Provide field trip scholarships
    • Purchase movie licensing
    • Purchase cheetah champ prizes
    As for what's still on the docket:
    Teachers have requested materials to help better focus on Professional Learning Communities which enables teachers to work collaboratively to better meet the individual needs of students - small whiteboards, tables for small group work, CD player and headphones for listening center.  These things are all discussed and voted on at PTO meetings.