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    Join us to help provide the resources our students need.  Our membership dues are only $10 per person. 

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    The Folsom High PTSA Membership Advantage

    Your PTSA membership will introduce you to a population of parents who are committed to being involved with their students during high school.   

    • Connect with the school, the principal and the staff.
    • When parents are involved, students achieve more.
    • Connect with parents of students.
    • Your $10 membership fee helps us to underwrite our operating costs and give more to the school.
    Please note: Seniors applying for PTSA scholarships must be members of the PTSA. 
    For more information, please contact Ritu Sharma, FHSPTSAmembership@gmail.com  
    All are welcome to the PTSA general meetings. 
    Meetings are held three times a year, in September, January, and April. Watch the website for more information.