In order to provide our staff with the best email experience possible, ETIS is implementing premium spam and email filtering tools to allow users greater control over emails that are received and blocked.

    ePrism will be replacing our existing SPAM filter, Gwava. This is the final step in the District’s transition from Groupwise to Outlook/Exchange.

    Beginning on Friday October 10, 2014, FCUSD email will be filtered by ePrism for spam, viruses, as well as other dangerous malware and phishing schemes.

    All FCUSD users will continue to receive a daily SPAM Digest email, which reports blocked and quarantined messages (some employees receive these email messages more frequently than others).

    Please review the following video below to familiarize yourself with this premium spam filtering interface:


    For more detailed information view the following set of videos from Edgewave:


ePrism Documents