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    Chromebooks are being distributed to various school sites and classrooms throughout the district to facilitate learning, utilization by those involved in special projects and for SBAC testing.
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    Chromebooks are lightweight laptop like devices that run on Google's Chrome operating system.  At FCUSD they are incorporated into a managed environment to support SBAC testing and the running of free Google Apps related to education.  A feature of Chromebooks that made them a valid choice for student use is the amount of data students can save and access from anywhere (with Google Web Browser - see below) and Google Docs.  Google Docs are free apps that mimic the Microsoft Office suite. In our managed environment all local data is removed from the Chromebook when the user logs out or the session is otherwise ended.  It is important that anything created be saved to the persons Google Drive.  Also printing directly from Chromebooks is not supported in our environment.  Chromebooks, like laptops, vary in price and features. The models we've chosen meet our needs and cost approximately 1/2 the price of iPads.
    The Chromebooks are sent to schools in locked carts of various sizes holding between 20 and 36 Chromebooks. Schools have between 2 and 5 carts to supplement computer labs.  Carts may be moved throughout the campus, but are not designed to be relocated between sites.  The Chromebooks are labeled the same as corresponding slots in the carts.  The carts are wired with chargers.  Chromebooks need to be charged daily when used.  The carts have long external power cords.  If you have a damaged or inoperable Chromebook it should be brought to the school's office where the Admin Assistant will contact ETIS.  The Chromebook specialist will troubleshoot it and return it to the Admin Assistant, or bring it back to ESC.
    Google Apps
    Google Apps and Extensions are programs and helpers available through the Chrome web browser.  They are presented in the browser and on a Chromebook when you log in based on your sign-in.  The apps and extensions are managed by ETIS.  Google Apps are made available in the FCUSD private Google Store.  Apps there are available to be installed.  If you can't not install an App that is in the store it may not be approved for your site, contact ETIS for additional support and information.
    To submit an app or extension for review to be made available in your Chrome Browser please submit the Apps & Extension Request Form
    Chrome (Google's Web Browser)
    The Chrome web browser is used on Chromebooks and can be installed on any laptop, PC or Apple product, Mac, iPad, etc.  If you have logged into the Chrome browser your Chrome settings can synchronized between devices, synchronization must be enabled on each device.  A nice feature of Chrome is that it automatically updates itself with the the most current Flash.  While staff and students can print from Chrome, printing directly from Chromebooks is not permitted.